Animal Life In Beitreema

  • Domestic animals: there are more than five herds of sheep in Beit reema also four cattle farms, mainly milk cows. Chicken farms exceed 20. Horses, mules donkeys-which are mainly used for carrying olives and ploughing, dog and cats also are frequent in Beit Reema.

  • Wild animals: the largest land wild animals are mountain gazelles, foxes, porcupine, and the rarely seen wild boar. In the last 5 years herds of wild pigs are active in beitreema area and since there is no natural enemy for them they are spreading fast and causing a lot of damage to beitreema crops

  • Birds: The bulbul and songbirds such as Sylvia warblers and gold crests nest here year round. A number of raptor species : among them falcons, hawks, sparrow hawks, kestrels. Also the Palestine Sunbird, Swallow, White Wagtail and Owls.

    wild_boar porcupine bulbul