Welcome to Beitreema!

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Welcome to Beit Reema where the beauty of the natural landscape is mixed with the scent of history, generosity of its people and a hopeful outlook towards the future.

We hope that you find what you sre looking for and to enjoy your visit!

Gallary: Hundreds of pictures of the landscape, the people and the town. enjoy!.

Martyrs:Killed by the occupation intheir quest to freedom. more!.

Olive season:Olive trees are the pride of beitreema and its olive oil is the best.. how it is made?.

History:Six million years ago the water receded leaving nothing but... trace its history

People:know the people of beitreema. read more.

Intifada : It was a new exciting experience...View Details

Games:Games about Beitreema and Palestine. Enjoy.

Flora : Plants in beitreema ...View Details